Soul to Soul – (2022)

Soul to Soul


‘Soul to Soul’ addresses peace, conflict, revolution and war — all within the chambers of one’s own soul. This is a collection of poetic soul musings reflecting upon the journey of life towards the Divine. This writing intends to be a catalyst for the reader to reach and search within. The chapters will enable you to embark on a journey of highs and lows, encapsulating how all the various experiences of life are intended only to direct one towards the Divine. For everyone going through something. There’s something for everyone.


Soul Revolution.
Soul Searching.
Soul Yearning.
Soul Exile.
Soul Code.
Soul Love.


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Arbaeen: A Lens into a Sacred Journey – (2019)

Arbaeen: A Lens Into a Sacred Journey


Arbaeen: A Lens into a Sacred Journey is an intricate photo-book combined with first-hand poetic expressions of divine love, following the journey of pilgrims in the World’s Largest Peaceful Gathering. This documentation follows the annual journey undertaken by millions, from Najaf, throughout the eighty-kilometre walk into Karbala, and the final culmination of forty days of mourning: Arbaeen. Experience the journey of divine love with the millions.

Photography by: Ayaz Ali
Poetry-Prose by: Saarah Bokhari

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